Interview: 200 Words with Änimal


After interviews with Ta-Ku and Dream Koala, ‘200 Words with’ returns with an interview with Änimal, a young and very skilled producer duo that’s starting to make big waves in its and my hometown Amsterdam, but also seems to be highly successful abroad. Their music is a mix of lingering and very percussive beats, deep basslines and beautiful melodies and harmonies and should make any Mount Kimbie or Cloud Boat lover’s heart beat faster. So far the very successful duo has released one EP, one track for 22tracks’ 22beats compilation and a remix of Bon Iver’s Hinnom TX. Though their discography doesn’t count many tracks, it is filled with nothing but quality and I can’t wait to see what else they have got in store. To find out, I decided to interview them and luckily they were happy to answer my questions, using, surprisingly, 200 words.

So, Änimal consists of two young boys that both like music. How did you meet-up and how does your creative process go about, both in the studio and on stage? 

“Together we have played in multiple bands since our teens, which made us meet. When our last band didn’t really come of ground and when the other band member left the band, we decided to ‘replace’ him with the sounds of our computer, thinking that we might end up asking a drummer later on. We never asked a drummer in the end and we make all the drums and bleeps ourselves nowadays. Fokke is the bass-player and Martin plays the keys and most tracks arise out of small melodies or chord progressions on piano which we then record into our computer. The fact that the starting points for most of our songs are melodies or chord progressions also shows clearly in the end product: melody and harmony are the key elements. Our musicianship also shows on stage: we’re always busy, never having a dull moment.

Right now we’re working on our improved live set, which will include graphics by a great team of illustrators, stylists and directors and thus the new live set will be a combination of our music and visuals that fit with it. Besides working on our live set we’re also working on a new EP, which will hopefully be out in early 2013.”

So, the point is clear: be sure to keep an eye on these two young lads, because with an EP coming out and what looks to be an incredible live set I’m pretty sure their success will only be growingl in 2013. Don’t forget to check out the duo out on Facebook and Twitter as well and grab their EP on their label Vresh’s BandCamp.

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