EP: Andrew Bird – I Want To See Pulaski At Night

Andrew Bird

Recently I wrote about Andrew Bird’s latest track Pulaski At Night. I complimented his stability and sophistication; the variation within his music mostly comes forth out of his perfectionism and the details. The song Pulaski At Night confirmed this theorem. As soon as I hit the play button of the EP ‘I Want To See Pulaski At Night’ I noted that this EP is different than a lot of his earlier work; it is an instrumental EP, with Pulaski At Night as core – which features vocals of Andrew Bird.

On ‘Noble Beast’‘s bonus disc named ‘Useless Creatures’ Andrew Bird tried to experiment some with instrumental songs. The effort was worthy but faded away next to ‘Noble Beast’. ‘I Want To See Pulaski At Night’ is different. The length is perfect, as I already noted Pulaski At Night really is the core and ecstasy of the EP and gets surrounded by six instrumental songs. These songs are the perfect surrounding for Pulaski At Night: they make you curious, empathic, emotional. Although the songs are instrumental they aren’t boring at all; there’s variation in tempo, instrumentation and moods. Andrew Bird shows that – just like Matthew E. White recently did – an EP can be more valuable than an full length album, as long as it gets filled the right way.

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