Concert: Chance The Rapper at Paradiso

Chance copy

Two nights ago I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite artists of 2013 perform in Amsterdam’s beautiful concert hall Paradiso. His name is Chance The Rapper and he is a brilliant Chicago-born rapper that we’ve been following for little less than a year now, since his first mixtape titled ‘10 Days Off’. Though hip-hop concerts usually don’t have much in them musically, except for when there’s a live band, Chance proved, having just his DJ and a whole lot of energy, that a rap concert can be uplifting, great and a prove of talent.

At 20 years old Chance has garnered quite some attention over the past year, for his great mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ and for his collaborations with Lil Wayne and more recently with James Blake. He proved that he’s a great artist on all fronts with his concert: he’s talented as fuck. He’s a great rapper – we knew that already – but he’s also a good singer, dancer and all-round entertainer with an amount of energy comparable to that of a toddler after a double espresso and that’s great as he manages to combine his energy with an incredible amount of talent, proven with every single song he performed last wednesday.

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